Metallurgical coke

Metallurgical coke is known by many other names such as blast furnace coke, met coke, or coke in short. It is produced as a result of the carbonization of coal at high temperatures in an oxygen-deficient environment. Royal Mineral is widely regarded as a premier metallurgical coke supplier in Gujarat. It is a sought-after product that’s mainly used in the steel industry.

More applications and uses

  • Based on the grades and sizes, coke can be classified as follows-
  • Blast furnace coke which is 20-80 mm in size and is used in blast furnaces as a reduction agent to decrease iron ore in various grades of steel products.
  • Foundry coke which is more than 70 mm in size and is mainly used in cupola furnaces. It is used for melting pig iron to produce different castings.
  • Nut coke tends to be between 10 to 25 mm in size. It is used as a reduction agent in alloy industries.
  • Coke breeze is used in the cement industry and sinter plants and it is less than 10 mm in size.