Royal Mineral is an established Metakaolin supplier and exporter in Gujarat. For over 10 years, we have been exporting metakaolin to our worldwide clientele. One of the most commonly used mineral admixtures, metakaolin enhances the performance of concrete as it is produced from top-grade kaolin.

Metakaolin comprises alumina and silica in an active form apart from various other mineral admixtures. At room temperature, it reacts with calcium hydroxide to form calcium silicate hydrate.

Metakaolin is used to reduce permeability and increase concrete durability. Below are listed some more advantages of metakaolin.

Benefits of metakaolin

  • Metakaolin decreases drying shrinkage & efflorescence.
  • Increases resistance to sulphate & other chemicals.
  • Enhances the residual strength of refractory concrete post-firing.
  • It is an eco-friendly building material.
  • Improves water-tightness as well as the impermeability of concrete because of which it is used in water-retaining structures.
  • Quite cost-effective
  • It is abundantly available.
  • Improves the durability and strength of concrete.
  • Speeds up the initial setting time of concrete.
  • Using metakaolin in concrete also reduces chloride permeability.