Manganese ore

Manganese is a silvery white metal that’s too fragile to be used in its pure state and manganese ore is one of the most useful metals offered by Royal Mineral. Our global presence and expertise in offering world-class manganese ore products help us serve our vast clientele.

It is referred to as a transition metal which is multipurpose and that’s why it is used in various industrial alloy uses. It is mainly used in stainless steel to enhance its strength and workability.

More uses and benefits

  • Used as a fungicide.
  • Manganese oxide is utilized as an oxidizing agent in fertilizers, rubber additives, and ceramics.
  • Used in dry cell batteries.
  • Utilized in the formation process of many alloys.
  • Used in electrical and chemical industries.
  • Used as a key raw material in the iron and steel industry for hardening steel.
  • It also prevents it from rusting.