Graphite powder

Royal Mineral is ranked amongst the top 10 graphite powder suppliers and exporters in India. Graphite powder is known for a myriad of benefits such as chemical stability, electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, and thermal management.

For a long time, it has been used in applications where a dry lubricant is needed. This powder is a powder form of graphite retaining graphite’s primary and secondary properties. At Royal Mineral, we offer graphite powders of various grades and types.

  • Flake graphite powder
  • Nano graphite powder
  • Earth-shaped graphite powder or microcrystalline
  • Casting graphite powder
  • Colloidal graphite powder
  • High-purity graphite powder

Uses and applications of graphite powder

  • Used to increase the carbon content in the steel.
  • Used in paints and similar materials for coatings.
  • For making black lead of pencils.
  • Used as a slurry in the oil drilling process.
  • Used in making crucibles, stove polish, brake linings, glass manufacturing, and metallurgy.