Royal Mineral is a pioneering GBFS manufacturer and supplier in Ahmedabad offering top-grade GBFS slag. Being a premier exporter of GBFS slag in India, we only export world-class quality GBFS slag.

GBFS slag formation takes place when iron or iron pellets, a flux, or coke are melted together in a blast furnace. The flux could either be dolomite or limestone. Once the metallurgical smelting process is over, the lime present in the flux combines with the aluminates and ore silicates as well as coke ash chemically to create a non-metallic product which is called blast furnace slag. Now, BF slag is formed during the cooling and hardening process.

Applications and uses

  • Used as a stabilizing agent in road construction.
  • General purpose construction sand in civil construction applications.
  • Used as a source of alumina & silica in glass manufacturing.
  • Also used as an ideal select fill that’s behind reinforced earth wall construction.
  • Used as a cementitious replacement with more than 80 percent in grout mixes
  • Serves as a general cementitious replacement between 25 and 50 percent for Portland cement
  • It works as an activator for stabilization purposes of granular pavement materials. It can work as a standalone stabilizing agent or with small quantities of lime