Garnet is one of the main minerals offered by Royal Mineral and we pride ourselves on offering garnet of the highest quality that’s compliant with ISO 11126-10 as well as SSPC AB-1 standards.

Being a premier garnet manufacturer and supplier in Gujarat, we offer garnet that’s 99 percent pure in terms of metallurgical content. It also demonstrates lower breakability and hardness of the highest degree.

It is moisture-free and highly recyclable. Royal Mineral leverages ultra-modern technology and sophisticated machinery to produce garnets of excellent grades and sizes.

Garnet applications & uses

  • Used in sandblasting
  • Also used as a prescribed abrasive for pipelines, industrial parts cleaning, shipbuilding, offshore platforms, and heavy equipment repair work
  • Utilized in top-grade coated and abrasives such as wheels, clothes, and abrasive papers.
  • Works excellently in water-jet cutting applications.
  • Owing to its grain structure, it is also used in water-filtration applications as a filtering media.
  • Used for stone washing purposes of denim fabrics. Our garnet helps fade the dye without causing any sort of damage to the stitching or cloth.