Fly Ash

A byproduct of burning pulverized coal, fly ash is a fine powder that’s created when the mineral impurities in the coal are fused after they are brought out of the combustion chamber. Fly ash is indispensable to a wide array of construction projects.

Fly ash is a pozzolan which is a substance that comprises aluminous and siliceous material that forms cement when mixed with water. When blended with lime and water, fly ash results in a compound that’s almost similar to Portland cement. Fly ash helps enhance the strength and segregation of the concrete apart from making it easier to pump.

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Fly ash can be classified as follows on different criteria.

Classification as Per American Standards

  • Type F
  • Type C

Classification as Per Indian Standards

  • Grade I
  • Grade II

Classification as Per Boiler Applications

  • LT (Low temperature) fly ash
  • HT (High temperature) fly ash

Applications & Benefits

  • A great alternative to Portland cement due to its cost-effectiveness
  • Requires less water
  • Excellent workability
  • Can be used as an admixture
  • High strength and capable of producing dense concrete
  • Helps achieve sharp detail and a smooth surface
  • Reduces heat of hydration
  • Corrosion prevention in steel
  • Sustainable construction material that reduces CO2 emission