We are a leading producer and exporter of dolomite in India. Being one of the best exporters of dolomite in the state of Gujarat, we render top-grade dolomite to our esteemed clientele looking for this product at economical prices. This common rock-forming mineral is used in a wide array of industries and applications, primarily in soaps, paints, detergents, and animal feed to name a few.

It is composed of calcium magnesium carbonate. Whiteness and purity are two important properties that make dolomite the go-to raw material for the paint industry. You would also find dolomite being used in the construction industry and that’s due to its hardness and density.

Commonly found in hydrothermal deposits, dolomite also happens to be the 2nd most amply found carbonite mineral. It is also the primary ore for magnesium metal.

More benefits/properties of dolomite

  • Acid-resistance
  • Less reactive
  • High specific gravity
  • Dispersible
  • Better plasticize absorption
  • Rough and abrasive texture
  • Low oil absorption capacity
  • Moisture absorption and adsorption properties
  • Non-explosive
  • Bad conductor of electricity