China Clay

Royal Mineral is one of the top manufacturers and suppliers of china clay in Gujarat. China clay is also known as white clay or kaolin. Apparently, it is white in appearance and formed due to the decomposition of feldspar mineral. It got its name Kaolin because of the location it was first discovered which is Kao-lin in China. It is an industrial material that is widely used in the porcelain industry, but that’s not the only application it is known for. When combined with other raw materials, it can be used in a wide array of applications.

Applications and uses of china clay

  • Used in the production of smoking pipes.
  • Used in sprays made for organic farming to prevent insect damage.
  • Also used in the production of a few paper grades to maintain optimum brightness.
  • Used as a filler component in manufacturing processes to add volume and strength.
  • Used in medicine, coated paper, and toothpaste industries.
  • Many other applications in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.