A natural mineral that is mainly a composition of hydrous aluminum silicates, Bentonite is negatively charged. It attracts iron, magnesium, sodium, and calcium. Out of all these cations, sodium and calcium are the two that are commonly attracted to bentonite. For this reason, there are predominantly two types of bentonite types on earth- calcium bentonite and sodium bentonite.

Calcium bentonite applications & uses

  • Calcium bentonite is an excellent cleansing agent which easily absorbs impurities and color from oils and fats.
  • It is quite commonly used in the textile industry as a cleansing agent removing stains and impurities from the material before processing it.
  • It is also used as a key ingredient in facial cleansing masks.
  • Also used for cat litter, bentonite is a multi-purpose mineral offered by Royal Mineral- a leading calcium bentonite manufacturer & supplier in India.
  • Helps reduce kidney and digestive issues in farm animals.

Sodium bentonite applications & uses

  • Sodium sealant is considered an excellent sealant.
  • A layer of sodium bentonite pond sealer prevents the seepage of toxic materials.
  • Owing to its clumping property, it is used as the main ingredient in cat litter.
  • Used in the drilling mud as the main component during the excavation of wells and tunnels.
  • Commonly used in the steel industry in the formation of steel pallets.
  • Used as a liner in the construction of lakes and ponds.