Bauxite Ore

Bauxite is a naturally occurring mineral that demonstrates heterogeneous properties. Primarily composed of one or multiple aluminum hydroxide minerals apart from different mixtures of silica, aluminosilicate, iron oxide, and other impurities, Bauxite is actually a rock. It is the main ore of aluminum that comes into existence as a result of chemical weathering in tropical climates combined with silica leaching in aluminum-bearing rocks.

There are two types of bauxite ores and as a main bauxite ore supplier in Gujarat, Royal Mineral offers both bauxite ore types.

Lateritic bauxites

Lateritic bauxite is also referred to as silicate bauxite. This type of bauxite forms due to the lateralization of various silicate rocks including basalt, granite, shale, and gneiss. Intense weathering conditions of a location and drainage determine the formation of this bauxite ore.

Karst bauxite

Formed due to lateritic weathering and residual accumulation of intercalated layers of clay, karst bauxite is also called carbonate bauxite.

Uses and applications of Bauxite Ore

  • Bauxites are used in a wide array of industries such as cement, steel, chemical, and petrol to name a few.
  • Used in building materials and road aggregates.
  • Used in metallurgical processes as it is considered the best and the only perfect mineral to make aluminum.