Barite is the mineralogical name for barium sulfate and Royal Mineral prides itself on being a sought-after barite manufacturer and supplier in Gujarat. Barite is mainly used as an aggregate in heavy cement and it is crushed. It is also screened to a uniform size. A composition of barium and sulfate, barite is also used as a filler or extender in industrial products. Barite is non-toxic despite containing a heavy metal barium.

Barite finds its application in a wide array of industries and applications.

Uses and applications of barite

  • Barite is used for its white color in the paper-making industry. In this industry, barite powder is used for filling paperboards and white coat paper.
  • The plastic industry also used barite as a filler to create colorful plastics.
  • Barite helps increase the abrasive strength, stiffness, and intensity of the plastic apart from making it look better.
  • Barite is used in the pharmaceutical industry as it is used as a filler for plaster. Another purpose of using barite is to extend the plaster’s time limit.
  • It can effectively block gamma rays and x-rays in power plants and laboratories.
  • Owing to its gentle effect and mildness, barite is also used in the cosmetics industry, especially because titanium oxide is not an inexpensive material.